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Message no. 1
From: "Mike Buckalew" <Mike_Buckalew@**>
Subject: Starting At The Beginning
Date: 21 Feb 1996 13:34:29 -0700
Gurth wrote:

>I've been playing with the idea of starting in 2050 and going through the
published adventures in order, introducing the various sourcebooks when
the appropriate point in the campaign has been reached.
It will probably remain a fantasy :)

This is what I'm doing right now! I started with the Stuffer Shack shootout
set in mid-2050 and after 6 months of gaming, we're in mid-2051.

Some of my caveats are that we are using SRII rules, which is ostensibly
written for 2053, but there isn't really anything in there which couldn't have
been there in 2050. To add character variety, I allowed SSC and Grimoire at
start as well. (I also let the rich socialite character to buy some of the
designer armor from NAGRL). We also use RBB for the more detailed vehicle
stats and I'm in the process of integrating VR2 rules (but not necessarily

I haven't added any other sourcebooks yet, but the next will be ShadowTech,
sometime in early 2052 or so I guess. This will mostly be based on what the
characters start facing in the modules.

I think the modules are the best part of SR, and they deserve to be run in
their proper time frame. I don't have time to work out detailed adventureson
my own, so I always look for support of a game with modules before I invest in
it. I'm really having fun weaving the Harlequin stuff into the other modules,
the players are just starting to pick up on the fact that some of their runs
are related to others.


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