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Message no. 1
From: Philip Hayward <Philip.Hayward@***.UK>
Subject: Re: Starting o
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 13:44:45 -0000
Jani Fikouras wrote:

> I see the logic in this, but I personally dont agree with it. After all
> runners are supposed to be the crem de la crem (sp?), if they dont have that
> 6 in firearms who does? What I think is missing here is something I picked up
> in, its called social competence (I think its from
> GURPS - dunno never played it) An all around skill for things like chess
> playing, singing, baseball, amateur programming, foo, bar. Things that
> normal people have and would make the characters a lot more believable.
> The problem is that if you charge them as normal skills nobody will
> waist precious skill points to get them.

I thought about something like this, skills mainly for 'Hobbies'
useful to give a background feel to characters. Rather than buying these
skills with karma, they are only improved with time, since the runners
insist on spending a few weeks between runs, enjoying their most recent
earnings, acquiring new equipment etc.. ask them to work out what how
they spend their time. If your lying low for a month your going to need
something to occupy your time. I give 1 to 2 points per week outside
runs, depending what else they do.

So now the entire team has Cards (Poker) 4 / 8

well it was a start,

Now, players being players will then insist that they can improve normal
skills this way, but no I remained firm and the nearest I allowed was
to let let our rigger use them to increase her aircraft B/R
specialisation : aircraft B/R (Polishing), when she declared she spent
most of her time on maintenance for her Hughes Stallion


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