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From: lrdslvrhnd@*****.com (Kevin McB)
Subject: Star Wars RPG (Topic? there was a topic?) (was Re: SR4 Loophole
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 20:11:58 -0400
On 10/5/05, Lone Eagle <loneeagle@********> wrote:
> I've bought Knights of the Old Republic which is based on the D20
> version - and I won't be buying anything made of paper from it. Or
> .pdfs of paper stuff for that matter. I don't like the idea that a
> lightsaber - swung by a jedi - which connects with a human, just
> knocks off a few hit points. (Not my only problem with the system but...)

See, that's exactly why I play Dark Forces II with Realistic Lightsaber
enabled. Doesn't really kill the low-level enemies (stormies and such) much
faster, but it's fun to watch the pieces fly (Or, y'know, slice off the gun
arm, and then slice 'em up when they drop down to their knees screaming and
holding the stump...). And the higher ones, the battles tend to be over
FAST, one way or the other as soon as one of ya get a good hit in (of
course, it means restarting from the last save a lot when they get lucky
first...). I managed to kill the final guy in about 2 seconds the first time
through LOL

"Oh, sorry, your lightsaber which just went through my midsection only took
a few points off my health instead of bisecting me like it oughta..." 8-}


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