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From: Steve Eley <sfeley@***.NET>
Subject: Star Wars RPG (was Re: [OT] Ooooo, Bargain!)
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 13:36:40 -0400
00DNA wrote:
> They won't touch it, they've been asked in the past. It doesn't make
> enough money for them, if WEG does indeed fold, Star Wars RPG will probably
> not be picked up by anyone.

Actually, I'd heard a year or two ago that STAR WARS was the number-one
selling science fiction RPG. (Don't know if that's changing now that TSR
& White Wolf have SF games.) It was also a big draw for new role-players,
since the books were written to be very easy to learn.

I've been playing it for some weeks now between Shadowrun campaigns, and
it's a good game. Simple, but flexible. I'd like to see it stick around.

> another reason why WEG is having problems...and don't
> laugh...apparently when the guy that started it (Steve something?) was
> getting the money, he invested in his parents imported leather shoes
> company. It brought him enough capital to really get going...however...the
> shoe business was down lately and was apparently sucking money from WEG
> instead...

This is true. The shoe company owns West End Games, and is directly
responsible for their bankruptcy. West End's operations had been running
them a decent profit.

(Also, my understanding is that West End isn't *necessarily* going out of
business.. They've filed Chapter 11, and are selling off all their excess
inventory and otherwise trimming down, but they're not dead yet. There
are plenty of businesses that go bankrupt and then recover.)

Have Fun,
- Steve Eley

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