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Message no. 1
From: shadowrn@*********.com (Rob Harris)
Subject: Still have a few extra books to trade/sell
Date: Fri Aug 2 17:25:01 2002
Just wanted to keep people updated on what's still availible in Rob's Basement
Cleaning Sale! ;-) MOST of the hot stuff has disappeared already, and so I have
taken a little bit off some of the more 'common' items that remain to move them
on out. My wife always likes to have more space in the basement! ;-) Just so
you know, the Shadowrun 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition base books are in near
perfect condition! Great finds for the price! Anyways, back to the list of
extras I still have remaining:

$8.00 Awakenings - 7120
$15.00 Aztlan - 7213
$4.00 Celtic Double Cross - 7315
$7.00 Cybertechnology - 7119
$4.00 Dark Angel - 7313
$20.00 DMZ (boxed set - great shape and unpunched!) - 7111
$8.00 Grimoire Second Edition - 7903
$13.00 Harlequins Back - 7320
$12.00 New Seattle - 10657
$4.00 Queen Euphoria - 7304
$7.00 Seattle Sourcebook - 7201
$15.00 Shadowrun (First Edition hard cover) - 7101
$8.00 Shadowrun Companion 2nd Ed - 7905
$15.00 Shadowrun Second Edition (soft cover) - 7901
$18.00 Shadowrun, Third Edition - 10660
$15.00 Shadows of North America - 10655
$7.00 Shadowtech - 7110
$8.00 Street Samurai Catalog (2nd Edition) - 7104
$4.00 Total Eclipse - 7308
$8.00 Virtual Realities - 7107
$10.00 Virtual Realities 2.0 - 7904

As I stated before, I would be happy to take some Warhammer 40k items in trade
(some of the old books, some of the new codexes, and most of the new Space
Marine items). Let me know if there are any additional questions or concerns.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Rob Harris

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