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Message no. 1
From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Stuck in the Matrix
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 1994 21:36:11 -0700
Excuse me, but you can't get stuck in the Matrix. Your mind never leaves
your body. Also the second you disconnect that interface cable your right
back in your body.

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Message no. 2
From: Eve Forward <ez019741@****.UCDAVIS.EDU>
Subject: Re: Stuck in the Matrix
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 1994 01:42:40 -0700
Jason Carter says: Excuse me, but you can't get stuck in the Matrix.

*Sigh* I'll say it again. He went along on an astral quest. He was granted
a boon. He wished his Matrix body and his meat body separated, and to
have his matrix body in the matrix and his meat body elsewhere. Poof.
It was magic. It happened. If you don't like it, don't do it in your game.

Message no. 3
From: Damion Milliken <u9467882@******.UOW.EDU.AU>
Subject: Re: Stuck in the Matrix
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 1994 01:25:14 +0000
-E writes:

> >Well, if your are playing BTB (now I sound like Ivy don't I?), then you arenot
>going to ever get his persona back. As it could never get trapped in the
> >first place. It could only either die (brain fry) or get jacked out. There are
> >no "Ghosts in the Machine". Although the book does say there are
> Great gravy! What on *earth* was our GM thinking of?? He actually *did s
> something creative*, something to do with *role-playing*, something
> *interesting*. Did you ever stop to think that if the players knew
> *everything* (i.e. everything in the books) and that's all there was,
> how boring the world would be? No surprising new tech, no unusual monsters,
> no strange magic happenings. A GM isn't just a computer program to
> crunch numbers, a GM also tells a story, and tells it as best they can. If
> it's part of the story that the player can get "stuck" in the Matrix, then
> the GM as Supreme Commander of His/Her Own Universe can sure as hell say
> that they can.

Whooa, calm down a little. I have absolutely nothing against being creative.
That is the idea of this. I was merely pointing out the stance of the official
rules (as per my interpretation) on this subject. And yes, I know full well
that if what good 'ole FASA (without the $ - yet) put out was all there was
then things would suck, thats what GMs are for. If all people wanted in a GM
was a number cruncher, then MUDs would be an awful lot more popular (heh, come
to think of it, MUDS are awfully popular...).

> FYI, Mr. Damion, if you are *really* that concerned about *how*
> our decker got "stuck", then I'll explain. We went on an Astral Quest.
> We passed the Astral quest. We reached the Citadel. We were granted a boon.
> Our decker said: "I want my meat body to be sitting in my office, and
> my Matrix body in the Renraku mainframe." Poof, it was done. Due to the
> fact that he'd never jacked in, it was decided that he couldn't jack out.

Well, I wasnt really concerned, but I don't think magic and tech should mix,
not even, no, especially not, at the metaplanar level.

> Sorry, don't mean to flame, but I tend to be as proud of our GM as Ivy
> is about the Shadowrun system in general. A GM's perogative is to
> do with "rumors" as he wishes.

Tis cool, I can see you were only defending against what you thought was an
attack on your game. I can accept that perfectly. Unless someone really has
an obvious go at me I usually brush it off. And yes, to a limited degree, it
is a GMs perogative to have his way with his players.

> jason again:
> >I am continually amazed by the things that people do with astral quest.
> The question I asked was not "Howcome our decker got stuck, duh?" but
> rather, "We have a brain-dead body to play with. Any fun suggestions?"
> In our game, IT HAPPENED. Don't worry about HOW, because A. You're not
> -in- our game, and B.If we've chosen to play this way, why should we
> listen to you, if we don't want to listen to FASA?

Yes thats right, none of us (well, unless there are others from your game here)
are in your game. But that does not stop us commenting on any material you may
post. It is assumed, and should be expected, that comments of all sorts will
be made, and there is no gaurantee (dang, just _where_ does the "u" go?) that
any of them will address what the person posting the item actually had in mind.

> We *like* our game. Even our decker took the thing with a laugh. Now,
> I really think bitching about a game you don't even play in is like
> complaining that you don't like the way someone decorates their room.

If you take what was said as bitching, then I will definately hold my
tongue (make that fingers) in the future, for fear of a reprisal over the
slightest thing! [note, take that with a grain of salt, and a :-) for good

> and in deference to Ivy, see, I'm calling it "our game", not Sh*d*wr*n.

For all I care Ivy and her "Pure Shadowrun Only" (tm) campaign can go and
stick itself somewhere the sun don't shine. [No offense Ivy, but we now well
and truly know your views on the subject, and I only saw one person actually
agree with you - the vast majority did not (me included)] :-) for Ivy (and
any other humour impared people out there - oops, not meaning to imply
Ivy is humour impared... :-))

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