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Message no. 1
From: Vael <ltwiss@********.COM>
Subject: Subject was: [Re: FASA Catalog...]
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 09:43:44 +8
> >> Skye, who wants a Tickle-Me-Fomori, they're so big and cute!
> >>
> >
> >Yeah, but when you tickle it does it's big slug like tongue pop out
> >and utter "..vile syllables of the [Wyrm's] Dark Litany.."?
> Eh, actually I meant those charismatic trolls from the SR
> Comp.;)
> 'Course, I probably wouldn't mind tickling a nasty little human
> bugger with two heads that spits out worms and leaks black fluid...
> Black Dog sure does make some nice sourcebook material.

Sorry to sound this way, but, what exactly does the above have to do
with the subject line : FASA Catalog...?

I would really hate to see another england tea party debate under a
false header. I'd hate to start skipping over this subject line and
miss something pertinate to the FASA '97 catalog. (BTW was the
question really ever answered?)



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