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Message no. 1
From: robertennew@***** (Robert Ennew)
Subject: Tailored Pheremones (partial OT)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:57:52 +1100 (EST)
--- Matthew Bond <mattgbond@********.com> wrote: >

> And being chemicals, they are best used sparingly,
> and in the absence of
> other chemical stimuli, such as perfume, cologne,
> deodourant, tobacco
> smoke, alcohol, etc... all of which will tend to
> either neutralise or
> overpower the affect of pheremones.

I'll definately have to agree here, as I used to
handle horses on a regularly frequent basis in a
career I was following.

There was a noticably change in attitude If I was
trying to work with a horse If I had alchole still
working It's way out of the pores of my skin/system
from a big night before( most animals have a
physchological fear to the scent of alchole).

I also noted a strong or overpowering aftershave or
even a change in deoderant had sometimes a detrimental
effect on how horse would respond. It sounds gross,
'cause It Is, but the most responsivenes I noted was
with a (unfamiliar-regularly handled beasts learn your
smell, hence they're put off a bit by a unusual or
dramatic change in scent, deoderant etc) horse (vice
versa) was early in the morning when I'd skipped a
shower & was a unclean mass, or after several hard
hours of work where I reaked of the combinations of
horse flesh/sweat, my own & soaked leather
(saddle,cloth,girth, etc).

I came to the conclusion that animals prefer your
natural scent & have a pretty keen smell, but are put
off when Its scents covered up,deoderant,etc. (GZ)

> Pheremones are delicate things, which evolved over
> hundreds of thousands
> of years to aid in attracting mates in 'natural'
> environments with
> little chemical competition...

On stud farms, sometimes a stallion won't cover
(copulate) a mare, the reason being as her scent
smells off key, so the stallion isn't aroused because
subconciously his body chemistry rings alarm bells
that she's convalescing,infertile etc & that It's not
a strong union in the fact that the potential
prodigy/pregnancy is put at risk of complications,

I could have given you a cleare text book explanation,
but to much effort, you should be able to come to your
own conclusions using common sense. (GZ) - Yahoo! Careers
- 1,000's of jobs waiting online for you!

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