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Message no. 1
From: Matt Dee <d3063587@****.ANU.EDU.AU>
Subject: THANK YOU!!! (Was: Re: [ADMIN] Off-Topic Posts.)
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 08:35:58 +1100
At 13:38 3/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
> Alright. That's it. I've had enough. I will not tolerate excessive
> off-topic discussions on this list any longer. Members will be given one
> warning to bring the discussion on-topic, after which I give Fro a free
> hand to summarily unsubscribe users. Our signal/noise ratio is out of
> control, and until it gets back in line, I'm going to be a dictator about
> it.
> -Mark

Thank you for taking steps to reduce OT discussions! I try to follow the
list, but the sheer volume of irrelevant postings has been very discouraging.

Matt Dee "I'm not stupid, I'm not expendable,
Fenner Hall ANU and I'm NOT going!"
d3063587@**** Avon, Blakes' 7, BBC

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