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Message no. 1
From: Smiling Wolf <SLEIBOWITZ@****.HAMPSHIRE.EDU>
Subject: That huge list-o-questions...
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 11:57:00 EDT
I answered as many of these as I could, deleting some really interesting
ones for reasons of space (and my inability to answer).

>1) On pg 46 (Allergies), it says "The character can only receive the bonus
> from one of the associated categories, from either allergy or the severity,
> but can choose different categories for each." Someone feel like explaining
> this (rather) ambiguous passage for me?

I interpreted this as meaning that you could choose one benefit from both the
substance and severity tables: for example, a character could select +2 to
his attributes for a sunlight allergy (but no other substance benefits), and
+3 to skills if it was moderate (but no other severity benefits).

>2) On pg 102 (Superior position): Would a characters height difference of .5m
> or more be considered "superior position" (ie. anyone vs a dwarf or a
> vs any non-troll)?

Trolls already get a +1 bonus to reach. Dwarves should probably get (though
it pains me to say it) a -1, though that's not in the rules. Other than that,
I don't think any further mods need apply.

>3) On pg 121 (Owl shaman): It looks like one of the modifiers under disads is
> wrong; it says "+2 to all TN when in direct sunlight" and "+2 to all
> for magic during the daytime (even if under cover)". Okay, looking at
> this now I think I understand it... An Owl shaman trying to use magic
> in direct sunlight has +4 to TN, but if not using magic only has +2...

Actually, I read it as meaning that magic performed in direct sunlight is
still only at +2. Personally, I'd never want to play a shaman that +4 to
all his magical target numbers whenever the sun touched his/her skin.

>5) Is it possible to have an "exclusive" "fetish-requiring" spell?
I don't
> see any reason why not...


>7) If astrally perceiving (not projecting), a magician can attack things on
> the astral; correct? It definitely sounds like it from the note under the
> physical adept description, but...

Yes. The important thing is that projecting characters can do neat things
like jump through walls and zoom away at the speed of thought, while perceiving
characters are still tied to their meat-bodies.

>8) On a "restricted" (ie. exclusive or requires fetish), is the force number
> for calculating drain the "base" force number (before the bonus for the
> restrictes) or is it the modified force?

The "base" force, or there would be little point to learning the spell that

>10) Where is the "Corporate Decker Archetype" referred to in the Opposition
> section (pg 168)?

He isn't. *sigh* If memory serves, he used to be found in the contact section
of the 1st edition. Sadly, he seems left out of this one. If you want to
create your own (which it looks like you're going to have to), assume that
the decker in the archetypes section is somewhere between minor and major
leagues (probably closer to major).

>11) How does hardening work? Like physical armor (subtract from Power)?
> or like the shield program (automatically stopping its rating number of
> wounds)? Does hardening apply to all attacks in the Matrix or just to
> IC attacks on the deck?

Hardening also applies to attacks by other personas, but only those (I think)
intended to physically damage the deck or decker (ie blaster, killer, or

>12) Why would anyone use anything other than a pure cybernetic interface into
> the Matrix? You get the extra initiative die and no apparent drawbacks?

Someone gimme a hand here: I've forgotten. Something along the lines of pure
cyber control making you more open to damage from attack...

>13) [not really a question] Anyone else notice that most of the errors in
> the book occur in the examples making it kinda hard to try figuring out
> some rules if you don't get them the first time around???

No. What examples are you referring to? (I know someone who has a line to
Tom Dowd and is collecting errata: I'm forwarding him some of this stuff).

>14) Anyone know the expected release date of the Grimoire II???

December, '92.

>Thanks in advance...

Welcome after the fact. 8^)

> Twilight

Your humble servant,
Smiling Wolf

"I've never fired one of these things before (hefting assault cannon)"
"(patiently) It's very simple. That's the trigger, that's where the bullet
comes out. Now go get 'em"

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