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From: Ereskanti <Ereskanti@***.COM>
Subject: The Art of Fencing (Re: Fencing vs. Street Index)
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 22:49:00 EDT
In a message dated 5/5/98 5:59:37 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
joshbell@**********.COM writes:

> My Question is therefore:
> Where does the extra money go?
Please note I snipped several comparisons and ideas put forth by Josh...some
of which were well stated I might add.

However, "Fencing" is also about arranging secure shipments, paying bribes to
any and/or all involved forces, which can exist from the Street Gang that
might have the particular territory claimed to the Yakuza or Mafia that have
Lord and Say over a particular collection of buildings or old warehouses for
usage. Fencing the loot is about arranging safe connections on not only the
buying end of things, but on the selling end of things as well, and everyone
wants a cut of the action.

Fencing can also require specific actions of an unusual nature. For example,
going along with the Talismongers thread here...Binder once decided to set
aside a very sizable portion of time and went about making a LARGE series of
batches of Orichalcum. Please note, with Background Count and/or Focused
Concentration, it is possible to have more than one batch going at the same
time...bring into this Centering, and things can get REALLY impressive.

Anyway, when he was done, he went about making matrix contacts with a nearly
equal size number of people. He had to make travel arrangements and shipping
arrangements, all of which cost money, including various customs (read as
Bribes in some cases) and other similar "international exchange agreements"
(You try and convince the Scribe to pay that much...try it, I dare ya!!!).
All of this cost money, as did his need to retain various levels of lifestyles
and fronts that were going as well. Add to that the background of such a
character, and you get additional bills like Contact Maintenance, Child Care,
maintaining/retaining various fake/legal SINS, etcetera.......

YES, it is a big size of money, but it is very well placed IMO...

-K (who has never lied to anyone about the details of understanding what it
means to be "AN ENCHANTER" before)

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