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From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Re: The Big D's Will... (Earthdawn spoiler!)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 11:57:50 +0100
Robert Blackberg III said on 12:03/17 Sep 96...

> >Not that I've seen any of the movies, but 1428 Elm Street...?
> >And of course the Everliving Flower. This could provide an
> interesting ED
> >adventure, if you've got high-Circle characters anyway.
> and in another post wrote...
> >The vaccine, to be given to all children born after 2060, I can
> understand
> >from reading the background to Earthdawn, and Denizens 2.
> Okay, what do these mean?

I already explained my take on the vaccine, while the Everliving Flower is
a big spoiler if you happen to play ED, so DON'T READ ON unless you really
want to know, or just don't care :)

The flower is from the GM booklet in the Barsaive box set. It was created
by elven artisans for queen Failla of Wyrm Wood, hundreds of years before
the Scourge: they enchanted a rose so it would live forever, sealed it in
a crystal box, and placed spells on it so powerful that nobody could
break them. Then they sent it to Wyrm Wood as a token of their loyalty.

It disappeared on the way there, although it was rumored the Therans had
stolen it and taken it to Parlainth, where it was lost when the Horrors
invaded the city. After the Scourge, it was discovered by a band of
adventurers and delivered to queen Alachia in Blood Wood. How it came to
be in Dunkelzahn's possession is not mentioned anywhere, but I think
Alachia did not like it that he owned the flower.

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