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Message no. 1
From: Patrick Goodman <remo@***.NET>
Subject: The bookstore I mentioned
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 23:09:13 -0600
First, let me point you in the direction of and do a search
on "shadowrun" (sans quotes, of course). Just put up for auction were a
Grimoire (not sure which edition, haven't looked), both NAN volumes, and
Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life.

On to COAS: My Bookstore. I was in the Las Cruces store (they also have
on in Las Vegas, NV), and noticed some of the things they have in stock.
They've got quite an impressive selection of gaming stuff in general.
Of particular interest to this list, they had a lot of Shadowrun books,
used and new, and many of them out of print and hard to come by. Some
of the things that I know were on the list of some of you out there:

Copies Item
------ ----
1 NAN1
3 NAN2
2 Shadowbeat
2 Shadowtech
2 PAoE
1 Threats
3 London
2 Germany
6 Tir na nOg
1 Aztlan

That's what I remember; my notes aren't, I'm afraid, intelligible even
to myself in places.

They also had a bunch of Shadowrun adventures, including Harlequin's
Back, Paradise Lost, and Divided Assets (among many others). There was
a great deal of Earthdawn stuff there as well. For some of you looking
for floor plans for an arcology, someone here recommended the Cyberspace
supplement Chicago Arcology, of which COAS had two in stock.

There's lots of other stuff there for a lot of other games. You can go
by their website at or just drop them an email at
coas@******.com and ask them what they've got.

(>) Texas 2-Step
El Paso: Never surrender. Never forget. Never forgive.

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