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Message no. 1
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Re: The grenade damage debate again
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 12:10:03 +0100
RAY MACEY said on 9:03/29 Jul 96...

> The rules basically state, that a grenade now has a damage equal to the
> power level. No Damage level (eg a grenade is now 10 instead of 10S).

Why? This makes them something special because every other kind of weapon
I know of in SR does use the L/M/S/D damages.

> The damage the grenade does is dependant on how far the target is from
> ground zero. The number of meters is the target number for the damage to
> be staged up. (Double this for defensive grenades.) Every 2 successes
> raises the damage level by 1 (starts at 0).

Let's see if I get this straight: you roll 10 dice against a TN equal to
the distance in meters; up to 3 successes = L damage, 4-5 successes = M,
6-7 sucesses = S, and 8+ successes = D?
It's an interesting idea, but I don't like it. What I do is let grenade
damage be staged up only against the target the grenade is aimed at.
Rolling enough successes to reduce scatter to 0 means the grenade hits
the target and explodes (if it's an impact grenade, of course), with
damage being staged up according to the excess successes. Anyone else in
the blast radius takes damage as normal for the grenade, without it being
staged up.

Example: Tex is trying to hit the EI-member directly with a grenade. He
rolls his Throwing skill and reduces scatter with 3 successes left. The EI
member now rolls his Body dice against a TN of 10, getting 1 success. This
makes 2 in favor of Tex, and that stages the damage up to D. The EI's pet
poodle happens to be in the blast radius, about 2 meters away from the
detonation point, and it rolls its 2 Body dice against a TN of 6 (it was a
defensive grenade), and even manages to get 2 successes, taking Moderate

> These rules also allow for a grenade to (remote chance) damage someone
> that is out of the blast radius in the existing rules (a freak peice of
> shrapnel?).

So tell me, how do you account for No.36 (Mills) Bombs?

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