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From: Steve Huth <HUTH@***.EDU>
Subject: The Laughing Man and The Big "D"--Quotes added by FASA
Date: Wed, 26 May 1993 15:58:22 -0700
Just to back up what someone said about The Laughing Man's and "D"'s identity,
Ed (Highlander) and myself came to the same conclusion (though we didn't have
the advantage of a presale warning): Harlequin and Dunkelzahn respectively.
The big clue is in the last paragraph of the book. Read it, then go back]
through the book re-reading every comment Laughing Man and "D" made. Some
of their comments become wuite hilarious, as well as being subtle clues.
Highlander and I are in a big argument over what exactly the relationship
between Harlequin and Dunkelzahn is: At at couple points Laughing Man almost
threatens The Big "D"--which I refuse to accept. I mean, anyone can threaten
Dunkelzahn, but I seriously doubt he would both obey the threat while
retaining a sense of humor about it. To us they seem more like colleagues,
with Harlequin/Laughing Man taking their mysterious plans seriously, while
Dunkelzahn thinks Harlequin should seriously lighten up. What I find kind of
amusing is that to make the relationship between D and Laughing work (in my
mind) and if they are Harlequin and Dunkelzahn, Dunkelzahn is a light-hearted
easy going jokester most of the time. Great, a dragon who likes April Fools
Day. BTW, has anybody else out there seen the flyer FASA put out a few months
ago when Dunkelzahn visits Harlequin (this is set after the Harlequin meet).
It is really QUITE a fascinating conversation--it ends (after "D" has left,
with Harlequin saying something like, "You know, he's really not a bad dragon.
Too bad we'll have to kill him with the rest of them when the plan is over."

If people are interested and Ed still has the flyer (big if), I'll post a
more detailed synopsis when I get the time (no, I'm not typing 8 pages
of text onto the net, sorry. I have a life.)

Steve Huth

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