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Message no. 1
From: Lady Jestyr jestyr@*********
Subject: The list is hungry again...
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 07:53:43 +1000
Well, looks like the list is eating mail again. (This will, given the basic
ironic nature of reality, probably be one of the mails to get eaten.)

I know this, given that two of the messages I sent yesterday, never
arrived. Interestingly, they were both occasions when I was sending two
messages at once to the list, and it was always the second message I sent,
that got eaten. People may wish to take note of this when sending lots and
lots of email at once to the list; it looks like the listserver software
thinks "I'm hungry... I need email to eat! Ah! There's lots of mails from
one person; I'm sure they won't notice if I eat just _one_..."

Lady Jestyr
~ Hell hath no fury like a geek with a whippersnipper ~

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