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Message no. 1
From: JOHANNA BURWELL-KALES <burwell@******.EDU>
Subject: Re: T$R books...
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 1994 17:46:56 -0700
The books are more like akin to be used like a frisbee of the
golden gate bridge or the hoover Dam? Well, excuse me I got some throwing
to do. They books will float though considering their thick coat of
lawyer slime.
Personally i have always hated T$R, not because of a rejected
Idea or whatever, but because it has a bad reputation and has
subsequently given RPG's a bad reputation to a lot of people. ( At least
around where i live ) The other thing I hate about T$R is the fact that
to start playing any of their games you need to have this book or that
book and the character sheets are even unorganized. FASA wins for me.
( opps, i meant off instead of " of " in the first line. oh well.)

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