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Message no. 1
From: robertennew@***** (Robert Ennew)
Subject: Troll Physad Needed (semi off topic)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 19:08:17 +1000 (EST)
--- James Zealey <incubus@*********> wrote: >

> How about the tick? Big, blue, Lots of levels of the
> jumping power, freefall, the quick-healer edge...
> "Your gun has 'replica'
> written down the side, mine
> has 'Ares HVAR'..."

nice signature jimmy, I have found that the ares
predator looks similiar to the desert eagle in designe
& intimidation factor, did you convert that quote from
a movie to a sr feel..... nice "Snatch"
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> at

I assume majority have played Harliquens back, but
just in case......










(hey, I thought I'd add a original touch with same
general idea, you're a rigger jimmy you'd appreciate
this particular attempt at lame ass wit)

Back on topic of the tic as a troll phys ad......That
is so cool. Reminds me of that "red herring" guy we
strayed across in Harliquen's back, 'cept he was green
but just as useless & annoying & just got in the way
(we sure did fix him though didn't we geoff ;). Comic
releif to put you off your game, hence "red herring",
(that's all I can see coming from a troll phys ad
also). (GZ)

If I was a physad troll, for those who know me(IC)
already... I'd be known as something similiarly as
annoying as "the Tic", something like the soft &
cuddly "GrUNt Bunny" (all 6 magic points in gun
concentrations or all in heavy weapons:) enough
stupidity (on my part:), the list is getting busy
again. (GZ) - Yahoo! Messenger for SMS
- Always be connected to your Messenger Friends

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