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From: Gurth gurth@******.nl
Subject: Updated SR1/2 books (was Re: Breaking the Silence)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 14:17:45 +0200
According to Penta, at 15:03 on 18 Aug 99, the word on
the street was...

> Next....On the .PDF issue: There are some things which are OOP to my
> knowledge that would, plain and simple, be GREAT as .PDFs...that HAVE
> sold well, AFAIK. Example 1: Super Tuesday. (I've searched. That's
> NOWHERE....) Example 2: Bug City.... Example 3: UB. Dear GOD, UB.
> Question is, why not do it?

Because FASA wants to update the books to fit with SR3, if they're going
to do this. Mike said this several times during the FASA/SR seminars at
GenCon, when somebody asked a very similar question -- they were figuring
out how long it takes to convert an NPC to SR3 stats (because characters
will be the main things that need to be converted) so they could figure
out if it's feasible, and set up a schedule to do so.

FASA does _not_ want to re-release a first edition book without updating
the necessary bits to fit with SR3.

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