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From: anders@**********.com (Anders Swenson)
Subject: Vehicles and paracritters...( If a Banshee screams in the woods)
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 08:13:26 -0700
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Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: Vehicles and paracritters...

> >2) Do "sense-based" paracritter powers (such as a Banshee's cry) work
> >through sensors? For that matter, what critter powers work against
> >vehicles/drones? I'm mainly thinking of Fear here, does it work? If so,
> >does it have to be cast at the drone or the rigger's meatbody?
> Again on the fly:
> If the rigger is piloting the drone in question in Captain's Chair mode
> then the power will have no effect on the drone pilot system or the rigger
> (it's easier that way). If the rigger is "in the machine" he feels the
> brunt of the impact, resist the power as if the rigger were the target,
> however, the power will not effect at all if its "force' is less than half
> the object resistance of the drone and the quality of the sensors will
> effect the power, add a number of dice equal to the sensors' rating to the
> resistance test. A simple microphone may not have sound quality but it
> conveys the visceral torment of a banshee's cry far better than a digital
> system which filters, processes, enhances and whatever else the sound.

IMHO, the microphone would not pick up the magical impulse that goes along
with the physical screaming sound, and therefore the spell like effect would
be lost on the operator.

Anybody else for some 3E jargon?

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