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From: Gurth <gurth@******.NL>
Subject: Re: Vehicle Storage Requirements + Turret question
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 11:23:38 +0100
According to Mike Bobroff, at 16:15 on 26 Nov 98, the word on
the street was...

> > Why a seperate formula for vehicle and drones? The only difference
> > between drones
> The reason I chose to have different formula is because the design of a drone
> and a manned vehicle are different. A manned vehicle has space added into it
> to take into account people and the things that they do while within a vehicle
> (like move around and such), whereas in a drone you don't need to worry about
> some of those things.

Doesn't the 6 CF needed for a bucket seat take care of that space? Drones
don't have seats, but they also don't spend the CF needed for them, so it
balances out in the end IMO.

> > That would make the zepplin & mini-blimp 403/109 CF and 2/2 CF (see
> > format note above), respectively.
> True, a zeppelin could be collapsed, but it would also take a frag of a long
> time to put back together again too.

Zeppelins cannot readily be collapsed, I feel -- a zeppelin is an airship
with a rigid metal framework to which gas bags are attached; the outer
shell is really only there for streamlining. Blimps are, IIRC, more like
inflated balloons, with the pressure inside keeping them in the shape
they're supposed to be. IOW, I feel a blimb could be folded up, but a
zeppelin would either have to be dismantled and then re-build, or designed
with a collapsable structure (which would add a _lot_ to the cost).

On a slightly related subject, I was trying to add a popup turret to my
character's Toyota Elite, and I noticed a very weird formula for the
turret's Availability on page 135 of Rigger 2: "([Vehicle Cost / 25] / 6)
x (Vehicle Cost / 25) x 14 = days required to obtain parts". Note that all
the slashes here are division signs (a line with a dot above and below

Now with an Elite, costing 125,000 nuyen, this formula gives a result of:

([125,000 / 25] / 6) x (125,000 / 25) x 14
(5000 / 6) x 5000 x 14
833.3 x 5000 x 14

I don't know about you, but I'm not going to wait 160 millennia for a
turret to become available :)

And even if we assume it should be "([Vehicle Cost / 25] / 6) x (Vehicle
Cost / 25) / 14 days" with the last slash being a slash, the TN to obtain
a turret for an Elite would still be 4,166,667, but the highest I've ever
seen anyone roll in Shadowrun is in the mid-40s, not the low 40-millions.

Then shifting the slash one more position to the left, to give an
Availability TN of ([Vehicle Cost / 25] / 6) and a base time of (Vehicle
Cost / 25) x 14 days it's still ridiculous -- TN 833.3, base time 70,000

Either there's a typo there somewhere that I can't seem to find, or the
whole formula is wrong. Which is it?

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