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Message no. 1
From: Gurth <gurth@******.NL>
Subject: Very much alive thank you (was Re: Gurth, thou art dead)
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 12:07:58 +0100
Fro said on 13:47/10 Jan 97...

> Thats it Mr! Your real name is coming out right now! Its..its..fuck where
> did I put that email?!
> Aha! Everyone, Gurths real name is Shawn Hinklebottom!

Remember that deal we had? *grin*

> -Fro
> PS, If you believed that, you're insane :) Shawn Hinklebottom = Shawn
> Michaels = WWF Wrestler. Thus, I have snuck wrestling into a post once
> again :)

I rest my case :)

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Message no. 2
From: MC23 <mc23@****.NET>
Subject: Re: Very much alive thank you (was Re: Gurth, thou art dead)
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 10:42:01 -0500
Why do I remember some club songs a few years back from your
subject exchanges,
"James Brown is Dead" & "James Brown is Still Alive"? I can hear
rave beat now, "Gurth is dead, Gurth is still alive!"

- MC23, grinning at the collective groans I can hear now -

Ancient cultures believed that names held great power, personal
names more so and they were guarded very closely. To protect themselves,
they answered to another name, because if another discovered their real
name, it could be used against them.
History repeats itself.
Welcome to the Digital Age.
I am MC23

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