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Message no. 1
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Virus Warning - DVixen & Paul Adam - A suggestion
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 02:06:09 +0000
In article <7elM6KAGBk30Ew3S@********>, Paul J. Adam
<shadowrn@********.DEMON.CO.UK> waffled & burbled about Virus Warnung -
>In article <34DE35AB.26C1FEA2@*******.com>, The G_master
><G_master@*******.COM> writes
>>> > Be careful and dont get this shit!
>>> >
>>> > > VIRUS WARNING !!!!!!
>>> > >
>>> > > If you receive an email titled "JOIN THE CREW" DO NOT
open it.
>My 54-year-old mother recently telephoned me in a panic about this, and
>I had to explain it was a hoax virus.

In respect to the varied virus warnings that abound around the net.
Would it be an idea perhaps to add in a little something regarding
checking with people like Symantec, McAffee, Dr. Solomon's and is it
Yahoo? That also has a Virus definitions and Hoax centre

DVixen It might, for those who bother to read the FAQ, prevent some of
these messages and silly panics. Unfortunately, as long as new people
join the net, these little errors will propogate.

Paul, you might want to add the same to the Shadowtk FAQ. We're likely
to see this cropping up over there as well, especially as new people are
joining the list with more regularity now.

Dark Avenger -:- -
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Beginnings of the Underseas Sourcebook. - Alternative UK Sourcebook

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