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Message no. 1
From: shadowrn@*********.com (Christian Casavant)
Subject: Warchalking
Date: Sat Jul 27 04:20:01 2002
I saw this is the news paper yesterday and I thought to myself this
isn't like shadowrun; it *is* shadowrun.

I used to do publish lists on Shadowbbses for my combat deckers to find
some good places to jack in from, but I think this is even neater. It
also occured to me that deckers could probably do this from VR as well.
Although, it has never come up in any of my games for deckers to
graffiti access nodes on the constructs themselves. Can deckers
actually modify the code of constructs?

I guess I may actually have to buy *and* read Matrix 3.0...


PS. Is the plural of shadowbbs, shadowbbi?
PPS. And what is something belongs to a group of bbss? Would that be
shadowbbsss' or shadowbbss's
PPPS Nevermind, it's too early to think about stuff this compicated.

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