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Message no. 1
From: Razor Girl <sprawlg@*******.COM>
Subject: Wards: Where can you errect them?
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 12:23:07 PDT
As a tangent to the ward question, where can a magician erect a ward? I
understand a room, cave, estate grounds, apartment building, board
rooms, restaurants or even prison cells. But what about cars? Could you
ward a limo? How about the conference area on a lear jet? Private suites
on a cruise ship? The cab of a pickup? I could see all those ideas
working, except for one problem. People using wards to RAM with. Would
that even work?

As another aside, maybe all this funky junk about wards could end if
wards only worked in an INTENTIONAL fashion. Wards designed with
existing formulas, would be designed to be defensive in nature. They
only reactivly participate in astral combat, they are meant to prevent
trespass or snooping and they can be used to create astral defense
barriers to prevent spells from being cast through them. SO they
wouldn't attack things they are rammed into.

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