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Message no. 1
From: Smiling Wolf <SLEIBOWITZ@****.HAMPSHIRE.EDU>
Subject: Re: Warning Message::: Right Back Atch Babe
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 92 11:47:00 EDT
>>>>>[ YO GUYS!!!! Do I detect a pattern here? Listen, SERIOUSLY, follow
my lead. Each time I get one of these Annoying Warning Messages,
I bounce (remail) it back to the postmaster. I figure if half the
subscribers do this, for every one of these fragging messages he
sends at us, we slag him back with 50-60. Anyone else game?
If so, sound off; I wanna know how much of a punch we are packing
when we send it back down his throat...]<<<<<

>>>>>[ Bad idea. First of all, those warning messages were not sent
out of malice, or even by a person. They were sent BY A PROGRAM
that couldn't tell when the messages had started to become
recursive. Secondly, deliberate harassment of anyone via e-mail
is grounds for losing your net access. Thirdly, by the time you
suggested this, Minotaur (or at least, by the time my mailer
received it), the messages had stopped. So could we all please
forget about it now? ]<<<<<
-Smiling Wolf

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