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Message no. 1
From: Mark Steedman <RSMS@******.EEE.RGU.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: was Atzlan - now adventures and required sourcebooks
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 15:30:11 GMT
> From: "Lindblom Fredrik, Training"

> >made until at least we get another adventure related to this lot
> >[there was a rumor of an atzlan one ??
> Well, I expect there'll be one that REQUIRES Aztlan...
i assumed as much.

> Don't you just hate that? When they expect you to buy a sourcebook so that
> you can play an adventure? I still have Celtic Doublecross lying around
> unplayed because I don't have (or want) Tir Nan Og. (I mail-ordered it, how
> would I know?)
i can understand, having read Tir-na-nog but not the adventure, well.
It is the one place i wondered about putting up a GM enfoeced 'NO
ENRTY' arround, even FASA issued a warning about the game unbalancing
possibilites of the new magic rules in it they are so hard!.

> I got as far as "Downtime in Dublin", then realized how short that
> particular chapter would end up with me knowing absolutely zilch about
> Dublin 205x...

> And isn't there another adventure that also requires a 'location' sourcebook
> to play? (And I don't mean Seattle Sourcebook.) Or at least nearly so?
> Imago+London? Can't remember.
Imago suggested Virtual realities, London and Grimoire2 !!!
The only group i know of that played it gave up 1/2 way through as
they didn't use the player info on the back cover.

There is a recent one that needs Denver to be at all runnable.
The NAN ones don't fall simply because they are in the sourcebooks
they require.

> MxM


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