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From: steven mancini <mancinis@******.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: Why would a Mage use a Gun? (Was: Magesand smartguns?)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 93 20:03:15 EST
To quote Chad S. Mawson:
] What's the point? If a mage is worth his salt he/she will torch anything in
] their path with Magic...hence the name Mage. A few of my 'runners that are
] mages or shamans use either laser sights or goggles. Their attitude is
] "I only use a gun when it would make me look good!"
] I agree with my players.
I can think of one reason: Drain. Suppose you eat it one time
then you can go chucking spells anymore.. Might be nice to
be able to hold them off a bit even if the chromed guys
giggle at your palm pistol.

Another reason: If I remember correctly, the original poster
said it was a shaman. Totem: RACCOON. Last time I checked
Raccoon ain't so hot at Combat Spells.

Personally, I had a raccoon shaman who used to carry a bag of
Silver and Iron razor blades, wood and plastic needles, red
pepper, and a whole assortment of other stuff. It was all
about 2 kg and stored in a velcro-bag. He used the 'Bag of
Chaos' in conjunction with his Poltergeist Spell (Manip? you
mean I get +2 dice just cause my totem loves me? Gee thanks!)


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