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Message no. 1
From: shadowrn@*********.com (malcolm)
Subject: Yourself as a contact (rpers are birght)
Date: Fri Mar 8 09:40:01 2002
consider the fact that most roleplayers have at least a small knowledge of
inferential satistics ( most without knowing it) randomisations , averages
, and tend to be more toward the bookish and computer geek types, high
intelligences don't surprise me , they also tend to be well developed
abstract thinkers ,
( for those into armchair psyche left brain activity ) , but i think that
the smarts comment is more appropriate , in 2nd ed int was the overall
quickness of mind, stupid character would be reflected by low skill ratings
not necessarily low int

as to bell curving stats on the human populace tends to show a lot of people
with average IQ ( that is the entire point of it being the average) and
fewer with exceptional low or high stats , there is a lot of testing done in
the last few hundred years to determine whether people will be adept at
certain things , speed button tests etc ( this is the int stat of a SR
character ) whereas the more modern viewpoint of IQ , is a test battery
involving tests of the multitude of aspects that make up the various thought
processes assigning values to these various aspects then creating a figure
to resemble the overall ability as compared to the rest of the test battery
applicants , (psycho bibble babble)

so while it may be true that people are becoming more intelligent the
average IQ will remain at 100 , after all it is a comparison to others in a
test group and how close you are to being average (100) these tests also
have a degree of failure and so one test cannot be taken as actual and the
applicant should be retested to see if the quotient assigned was correct ,
as people could have had good or bad days things occupying their mind or
have just done a similar test ,

so from a psychology point of view i would disagree with jestyr
1= 80-

7= i want some of the shit your smoking ( talk about a god complex)

80% of the population are between the norms of the standard deviation , the
next deviation holds a mere 16-18% and beyond that are the freaks , the
standard deviation on iq tests is about ( correct me if i am wrong ) 15 ,
this means that the majority of the applicants have between 85 and 115 as an
IQ , and that the next set ( iq's between 70 to 85 and 115 to 130 ) , make
up between 8 and 9 % of the population test group , the remaining 1% on each
side of the bell will be above or below that

Me as pc
Name : Malcolm
Street Name : Kanniemeernie korperaal
str : 3
quick : 3
body : 3
int : 8 ( i am modest too , just kidding i can maybe squeeze to a 6)
will : 4
cha : 3

active skills
athletics(squash) 1(3)
matrix 2
ettiquette 2
firearms 4 ( thanks to mil training , too much paintball and a gun mad
father )
car 2
Role playing games : 3
unarmed combat (karate) 1(3)

Knowledge skills

Mythology ( greco-romanic ): 3(5)
english 6
english r/w 6
afrikaans 3
afrikaans r/w 2
anime 4
comics (2000ad) 1(3)
sales techniques 2
hand gestures to convey desired sentiments 6
Psychology( industrial ) 2(4)
history 3
medieval armour 3
rugby ( spectator status) 0(2)
business management 2
accountancy 1
economics 2
administration 2
animal handling (dogs)(horses) 1(3)(3)
sun tzu quotes 2
sci-fi movies of the late 20th century 3
chess 2


head for figures ( oops numbers but figures too)


mild phobia (snakes , wasps)


cybereyes (to correct natural sight deficiency )
headware memory 1000 mp (to help with remembering RP rules)

antique Webley revolver .445 (heavy pistol), circa 1912
antique lee enfield no3 mk1 .303 (rifle) , circa 1914
antique bayonet for aforementioned rifle , circa 1917

" If it aint broke don't fix it " old programming maxim

" Draw them in with the prospect of gain , then take them by confusion"

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