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From: BITNET%"DUNN@******" "ArkAngel"
Subject: Re: ShadowRun
Date: 20-FEB-1992 12:11
From: BITNET%"DUNN@******" "ArkAngel" 20-FEB-1992 12:11
Subj: Re: ShadowRun

Well, chummer, as far as I know from the way that we've always played
the assault cannon could get a shot off per action... of course the net damage
it would usually do wouldn't compare to what you could get off of a vindicator
minigun, but the blasts from the assault cannon let the team I usually GM for
(they have very little concept of the term subtle) create back doors in various
buildings... helluva way to make an entrance--send the rigger in a chopper to
attack the front of the building, distracting security, and then send the rest
of the team around back to open up a new door... worked pretty well for 'em the
first 2 times they tried it, after that... (insert hideous GM laughter here)

"Watch your Back. Shoot Straight. Conserve Ammo.
And Never, Ever cut a deal with a Dragon."



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