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From: BITNET%"GT2150@*******"
Subject: Various Shadow stuff
Date: 20-FEB-1992 16:06
From: BITNET%"GT2150@*******" 20-FEB-1992 16:06
To: barnhart@****
Subj: Various Shadow stuff

C'mon people an automatic assault cannon. Look at the damage codes for a ca
nnon, why does it need to be auto? The assualt cannon is a large area weapon
designed to open up large holes in objects or to lay down fire power over a
large aera. The assualt cannon isn't an auto weapon because it dosen't need to
be. It is sort of based on the shotgun theory; point it in the genral direction
and pull the trigger.

Second thing, I agree that an AVM should be limited to vehicles. For advanc
ed rules for vehicluar combat take a look at the Rigger Black Book by FASA,
this book covers the use of vehihcular targeted weapons and presents new rules
for autofire. As for a heat seeking missle being able to target a human, think
about this, any surface that the sun was shining on would be hot enough to lock
the missle. Heat seeking missles require a greater heat source than 98.6 F.

Ka' ge


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