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From: BITNET%"MURRAYMD@******.BITNET" "Like, dude, where's the firefight?"
Subject: Shadowrun assault cannons...
Date: Unknown time and date
From: BITNET%"MURRAYMD@******.BITNET" "Like, dude, where's the
To: Brett Barnhart <BARNHART@****.BITNET>
Subj: Shadowrun assault cannons...

Dear Twilight;
Ah, you have found the biggest weapon enigma in Shadowrun: the
assault cannon. I can't say that I can recall any mention of a recoil
penalty doubling for the AC in the rulebook. I suggest that you double
check your rules. According to the rules in my meager possesion, the AC is
everything but an auto fire weapon. Observe that the AC:

1) Has a large box magazine or it can be belt fed.
(Like an autofire weapon.)
2) Has a hip brace pad for stable fire. (Reminding me of a shock
pad found on several SMG and assault rifles.)
(Like an autofire weapon.)
3) All of the comparably sized weapons are autofire.

Based on these points, it sounds like an assault cannon is a nice
big autofire weapon, right? WRONG!!!
According to the Riggers Blackbook which decided to clarify a lot
of the weapons rules, the Assault cannon was classified as a semi-automatic
weapon. (Single shot basically.) In the basic rules, they say that unless
specifically stated, no weapon is autofire. All of the SMG, MG and assault
rifles were stated to be autofire. They didn't say anything along those
lines for the assault cannon.
Yeah, the Assault cannon looks pretty wimpy. With the new autofire
rules in the Riggers Blackbook, the Heavy Machine Gun is *KING*!!!

Kill 'em All, Let the GM sort them out...

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