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From: edu%"s85963@**"
Subject: RE:AVM's vs people. and Assult Cannon's
Date: 20-FEB-1992 19:05
From: edu%"s85963@**" 20-FEB-1992 19:05
Subj: RE:AVM's vs people. and Assult Cannon's

I never said that using an AVM against a person would work well. I just
commented that it might be possible. As it almost never happens in my
group it really hasn't had a great deal of work done on it. I would tend
to jack your target number way up and say that the missle's intel dice
wouldn't apply at all. And if it was a bright sunny summer day you better
hope that there is nothing like an exposed metal water tank. That would
probably be around 150 degrees and act just like a beacon for the missle.
Good luck hitting anything.

As far as using the assult cannon goes there are plenty of times I've wanted
more than one shot on the same target. Against that big ugly troll, or the
armored van thats headed right for me. Seriously, one of the problems is
that a good street samuria or even mage with a high body and some decent
armor has a good chance of surviving a single shot. A good example is one
of my characters. He has a bod of 6, dermal armor of 3 and was wearing a
secure jacket. Just with the jacket's five auto success's he had nocked
the damage down to serious and with 9 dice to roll he made another three
success's (and burning a point of karma to). That brought the damage down
to moderate. With that even two hits may not kill him. Also about half of
the time the people who fire the heavy weapons woudn't have five successes
to jack the damage up beyond deadly. This leaves a lot of people still
standing after one, and sometimes after two shots. Also when using the
Cannon on a solid object/vechile it may take a few rounds to get through
and do any serious damage.

Flames anyone. Have fun with this little comment
Brian D Neumann
Gettysburg College


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