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From: edu%"jeremyl@****.edu" "Jeremy Lyn Hart"
Subject: Re: Various Shadow stuff
Date: 20-FEB-1992 22:34
> C'mon people an automatic assault cannon. Look at the damage codes for a
> nnon, why does it need to be auto? The assualt cannon is a large area weapon
> designed to open up large holes in objects or to lay down fire power over a
> large aera. The assualt cannon isn't an auto weapon because it dosen't need to
> be. It is sort of based on the shotgun theory; point it in the genral
> and pull the trigger.

I agree completely. My one-time character had a prized Panther ("kittycats", we
call 'em ;^>), and used to use it to shoot down helicopters. Ba-ad news,
Do you REALLY wanna face off against a troll bounty hunter with an auto-assault
cannon? Not me...

Vyper, Shadowrunner Extraordinaire (even if he DOES live in a telephone
Jeremy L. Hart jeremyl@******
"I close my eyes and walk a thousand years/A thousand year's that aren't mine
It seems he's near me as I walk/One who loved what love denied..."
- "Room A Thousand Years Wide" by Soundgarden


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