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From: BITNET%"ST6036@*******.BITNET" "Mike Herron"
Subject: Shadowrun Autofire rules...
Date: 21-FEB-1992 06:01
From: BITNET%"ST6036@*******.BITNET" "Mike Herron" 21-FEB-1992
To: Brett Barnhart <BARNHART@****.BITNET>
Subj: Shadowrun Autofire rules...

The new rules for Autofire in the Riggers Blackbook state that for a
minigun the recoil is doubled. This does not apply to all autofire
weapons just the GE Vindicator Minigun....
The SAM107GPHMG has a damage code of 12S4 with a 10 shot burst
it is bumped up to 22d(+2)4. The plus 2 means that it removes or
ignores 2 points of Ballistic armor and would take 12 22's to bump that
back down to a serious wound. I don't know of many characters that
can roll that many die and get 12 22's to remove that amny successes.
The last posting I saw called the Sam107 the 'KING' of autofire weapons.
And after using one in combat I agree. The recoil is less and the number
of successes you need are the same but at a higher target number for the
gun. You would need 12 22's as opposed to 12 20's with the GE Vindicator.
If your GM allows you to put a recoil compansators on the barrel of the
Vindicator you can get the recoil modifier down to +8 with the use of a
Gyro stabalized mount at -7 recoil and -4 for the recoil compensators.
As far as the Assault cannon goes the weapon is *Cute* but the SAM is
still king of the hill... The Autofire rules finally made the Automatic
weapons deadly. After this you can add APDS or explosive ammo and be really
gross about it... If you don't have Riggers in your game get the Rigger's
Blackbook just for the autofire rules or make sure you GM doesn't...

Just thoughts from a bored Troll Merc...

Eugene 'Rock' McCallister
Merc, SAM107GPHMG Fan and
Hair Club for Trolls President
A.K.A. Mike Herron


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