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From: BITNET%"CWP01002@******.BITNET" "Steve Wilcoxon"
Subject: Re: problem with the assault cannon...
Date: 21-FEB-1992 07:07
Dave Remington
From: BITNET%"CWP01002@******.BITNET" "Steve Wilcoxon"
21-FEB-1992 07:07
To: Brett Barnhart <BARNHART@****.BITNET>
Subj: Re: problem with the assault cannon...

Actually, I've only played ShadowRun once since that first game since
I got thoroughly fed up with the combat system. The full situation was:
- I was playing a troll streat samurai (redesigned archetype by the group)
- the opposing shaman (wearing REALLY light armor) took an assault cannon
blast and shrugged it off
- I then got promptly blown away by an opposing SS using an AVM...

As far as alternatives go, I've never played Cyberpunk...
However, I do have my favorite (read realistic combat & better matrix
setup) one: Cyberspace used as a supplement for Space Master (adjusting
Space Master tech down of course)...
Characters tend to avoid combat a lot more unless the odds heavily favor

Just rambling off on another gaming tangent :)


The Crystal Wind is the Storm, and the Storm is Data, and the Data is Life.
-- The Player's Litany


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