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From: BITNET%"REITZ_PAT@********"
Subject: An interesting point about mini-guns
Date: 21-FEB-1992 14:25
From: BITNET%"REITZ_PAT@********" 21-FEB-1992 14:25
Subj: An interesting point about mini-guns

If I'm remembering things right in the orginial (ie first printing)
version of Shadowrun it stated that Medium and Heavy machineguns, as well
as the auto-cannon doubled the recoil penalty. They may have changed this
to apply only to the new minigun, which brings up an interesting point
because in the first printing (and I don't think that there have been any
others) of the Street Samurai Catalogue the Vindicator Mini-Gun is incapable
of firing at less than a 10 burst per round rate which leaves the poor
schmuck who's trying to use it with a +20 to his target number. Now it may
just be me being weird but don't you think someones who's laying down that
much fire over a 3 second period should have at least some chance of hiting
someone who's within 10 feet of them? Even the best recoil compensators will
only cut out about 7 of that +20 and from what I've seen 15's (13+2 for sgl
at short) just don't come up all that much.
Might as well just swallow that for a medium wound while your at it.



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