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From: BITNET%"ST7083@*******"
Subject: Critter attacks
Date: 26-FEB-1992 14:33
From: BITNET%"ST7083@*******" 26-FEB-1992 14:33
Subj: Critter attacks

Hoi, chummers
In my Shadowrun adventuring, I have run into a slight quandry in which I
ask for advice. When using critters in the game, when they attack, (if they
attack at all with the speed demons that I have in my campaign :)) what is
their equivalent unarmed combat skill ( in other words, how many dice do they
use in order to find out if they hit the PC or not). The only conclusion that
I have come up with so far is to use the Critter's strength for the # of dice.
The only problem with that is that it gives some critters ( like dragons ) a
Buttload of dice to use. is their something I overlooked or any other
suggestions, they will be greatly used.
Yours Sanely (for the time being)
Joshua Stoutkin
the hell from halfling
"Twinkle, Twinkle little star, You SOB you can't run far"
Troll poetry for the times.


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