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From: BITNET%"MURRAYMD@******" "Like, dude, where's the firefight?"
Subject: Oddball character classes
Date: Unknown time and date
From: BITNET%"MURRAYMD@******" "Like, dude, where's the
Subj: Oddball character classes

Hoi again Chummers!!!
Someone (I've already forgotten the name, sorry.) asked about new
character classes to liven up the game. Hhmmmm....

Here are some ideas I thought up:

1) (My favorite) This type is the guy who can screw you up several
different ways. :)
Priority 4: Attributes
Priority 3: Magic (Shamanic Adept, Wolf or Alligator)
Priority 2: Tech
Priority 1: Skills
Priority 0: Race (Damn he's human!)

Give him a LMG or HMG on a gyro mount, armor, appropriate skills,
half combat spells-half detection spells, and whatever else necessary, and
you have a monster!!! Bolt Thrower the ex-UCAS HMG gunner on the run was a
Wolf shamanic adept with the M107, armor, gyro mount, and whatever else he
could break out of Fort Lewis with. Damn captain pissed him off, so he
mana-bolted the jerk. (Yes, it would be easy to break out of Fort Lewis, I
was there for ROTC Advanced Camp)

2) (My first character) This guy, with too much experience, could
be a one man Shadowrun team sans magic.
Priority 4: Tech
Priority 3: Attributes
Priority 2: Skills
Forget the rest, he's a human mundane.

This one is a Decker/Street Sam. Give him a decent deck for
starters, basic streetsam cyberware, an assault rifle, appropriate skills
and a bad attitude. Just let him progress from there. If the GM needs a
nasty bad guy, give this one a lot of Karma for upgrade and you have a
*BAD* dude. ;)

3) Need a skill man who can do everything?

Priority 4: Tech
Priority 3: Skills
Priority 2: Attributes
Mundane human

Sink as much as you can into skillwires, chipjacks, datajacks, and
skill chips. Throw in sundry other cyberware and a gun. Make his skills
any you wish to have advance above a 6. Load him with tool kits and other
goodies, and you have a kick-ass support man.

4) Dog Handler

Priority 4: Attributes
Priority 3: Skills
Priority 2: Tech
Mundane Human

Give him a couple of trained Barghests/Hellhounds/Doggies-that-kill
(GM estimates cost, don't sweat it too much.) Cyber ears with modification
to dampen howling, Smartlink, shotgun, narcojet for Fido & the boys, and an
appropriate dog handling special skill. It should be obvious what this guy

Other ideas would probably come from movies and AD&D. I think an
excellent character class would be the Highlander from the first movie.
(Highlander II sucks so bad it's sickening!) Fudge the character to be
like the type found in the movie. Take the AD&D character classes and
convert them into Shadowrun terms. Hell, take a character class from any
game/book/movie and have fun! (BTW, I think that the Paladins from the
first Shadowrun book are like the first character class I gave at the
begining except Hermetic instead of Shamanic. I came up with Bolt Thrower
before I read the first book.)

"Pulping stunties as we go, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah..."

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