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From: uk%"ISTPNORTON@***"
Subject: Lets here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...
Date: 27-FEB-1992 08:04
From: uk%"ISTPNORTON@***" 27-FEB-1992 08:04
To: BARNHART <@************,@*********.bitnet>
Subj: Lets here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...

I know this isn't about the rules system of SHADOWRUN but I'm
entering it any way...

Now I play Cyberpunk 2020, and like it for its dark, hopeless
setting. This is what I see as being cyberpunk, a world where
you got more chance of drowning without a trace then reaching
the big time. Not so much a game of big guns and cyber enhan-
cements. What I want to ask of the many SHADOWRUN GM's out
there is whats so dark about it, wheres the hopelessness, cos
in the setting that I know of its a world where there has been
a great change, new things are happening. Hope and ELIVES is
not a dark game. Now I don't know it could be poss to turn
this into something quite dark and chilling. I've never tried
and the GM's I've seen have just turned it into a modern day
D&D( ie find the bad guys kill the badguys take the badguys
stuff). And PC's wandering around with AutoCannons, no,no.
Police may be thick, maybe lacks but there not that bad.
Are they? Well thier not in the Punk campain I run. So SHADOWRUN
GM's how do you make your PC's sweat???


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