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From: BITNET%"AVATAR%BSU.DECNET@*****.BITNET" "Timbre, his arms wide"
Subject: Re: Let's here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...
Date: Unknown time and date
From: BITNET%"AVATAR%BSU.DECNET@*****.BITNET" "Timbre, his arms
Subj: Re: Let's here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...

Hmm . . . shadwrun isn't exactly a vase of roses either. I tend to
run my games along the lines of the dreary setting of _Blade_Runner_.

In that movie, what made it so drearys was a sense of stagnation. Of the
fact that society isn't going to get any better than it already is, and
right now it isn't all that great.

But then again, I have really morphed Shadowrun. I've combined it
with Nightlife, cyberpunk, Gurps. You would recongnoze it, but it is
several generations removed from what FASA is shoving at us.

-- Robert Hayden

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