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From: edu%"s85963@**"
Subject: Re: Oddball character classes
Date: 27-FEB-1992 12:39
From: edu%"s85963@**" 27-FEB-1992 12:39
Subj: Re: Oddball character classes

(My favorite) This type is the guy who can screw you up several
>different ways. :)
> Priority 4: Attributes
> Priority 3: Magic (Shamanic Adept, Wolf or Alligator)
> Priority 2: Tech
> Priority 1: Skills
> Priority 0: Race (Damn he's human!)
> Give him a LMG or HMG on a gyro mount, armor, appropriate skills,
>half combat spells-half detection spells, and whatever else necessary, and
>you have a monster!!! Bolt Thrower the ex-UCAS HMG gunner on the run was a
>Wolf shamanic adept with the M107, armor, gyro mount, and whatever else he
>could break out of Fort Lewis with. Damn captain pissed him off, so he
>mana-bolted the jerk. (Yes, it would be easy to break out of Fort Lewis, I
>was there for ROTC Advanced Camp)
Another thing that you can do to that guy up there is make him a conjuring
adept with some cyber. Mainly smart link and eyes, maybe some dermal armor
or wired reflexes if you dont want him to do any banishing. I know this
sounds foolish. BUT the first time you see this guy in action you will be
amazed. He looks and acts like a street sam but when the magic starts
flying he can have 6 force 6 elementals suddenly pop into the firefight.
This guy is also good as the party negotiator. One modification that has
worked out well is having him be a elf. His priorities look like this.

4 Metahuman
3 Attributes
2 Magic (adept status)
1 Skills
0 tech

The only drawback with this is that he won't have any cyber to start with
and will have to take the chance on getting it later. One other thing that
has been done with my Conjurer is that he got a fellow party member to
quicken a increase reaction on him. This works really well because he now
is faster than the normal street sam and he can still banish other

Brian D. Neumann


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