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From: EDU%"DUNN@******.JCU.EDU" "ArkAngel"
Subject: Re: Let's here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...
Date: 27-FEB-1992 12:52
From: EDU%"DUNN@******.JCU.EDU" "ArkAngel" 27-FEB-1992 12:52
Subj: Re: Let's here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...

Well, chummer, I dunno 'bout any Shadowrun campaign that you've been
in, but I can quite solemnly assure you that mine are quite hopeless... (That's
a warning for anybody on the list in the PBEM I'm running...) Generally, I
fail to understand why you think Elves are optimistic (sure ya change one
letter, and ya get Elvis, but his life sucked too...) anyways, back to the
point, Lone Star is not easy to deal with, and the corps will do anything to
screw you over... I've Mr. Johnson's get assasinated, people turn out to be
shape-changed dragons, corps who didn't pay the runners for the job they did,
or have the corp hire other runner's to take them out... I mean, quite frankly,
everybody gets screwed all the time... this isn't a dungeon crawl, and it isn't
a monty Haul, and it's definitely not a paranoia... it's cyberpunk with
magic... attitude is everything, metal's better than meat (unless it's
magicked), and really strange things go bump in the night... I'm sorry, but any
game where orks and trolls are PCs is A)definitely not ADND where the PCs hafta
be goodguys (well for all practical purposes) and B)definitely not one with a
happy-go-lucky attitude... when these guys smile, it's not happy, it's fraggin'

"Watch your Back. Shoot Straight. Conserve Ammo.
And Never, Ever cut a deal with a Dragon."



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