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Subject: Re: Let's here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...
Date: 27-FEB-1992 15:32
From: EDU%"RAPICKERING@******.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU" 27-FEB-1992 15:32
Subj: Re: Let's here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...

You write:
=> From: uk%"ISTPNORTON@***" 27-FEB-1992 08:04
=> To: BARNHART <@************,@*********.bitnet>
=> Subj: Lets here it for the boys, BAM... Thats better...
=> I know this isn't about the rules system of SHADOWRUN but I'm
=> entering it any way...
=> Police may be thick, maybe lacks but there not that bad.
=> Are they? Well thier not in the Punk campain I run. So SHADOWRUN
=> GM's how do you make your PC's sweat???


We are currently moving through one of the ShadowRun module in my campaign.
All us players were definately sweating, mainly because in this adventure the
players had no control. There was very little chance for success and we all
took a serious beating, one of us even bought it.

The worst thing is to not be in control. If you take that away from the
players then they are on the defensive and it's hard to get back on top.



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