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Subject: Re: Astral Space
Date: 27-FEB-1992 15:35
From: EDU%"RAPICKERING@******.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU" 27-FEB-1992 15:35
Subj: Re: Astral Space

You write:
=> From: uk%"ETMDMAPLE@***" 27-FEB-1992 08:04
=> To: BARNHART <@************,@*********.bitnet>
=> Subj: Astral Space
=> My problem is who can you attack from astral space with spells ?
=> One Ref I played with said you can attack anyone so long as you
=> use a Mana spell. I think this makes mages way too powerful as
=> they could attack a mundane target for astral space without them
=> being able to attack back. Could someone clear up the rules in this
=> area.

According to the basic game (and very clearly in the Grimoire) mages while
astrally PROJECTED...CANNOT attack mundane targets. If you are projected you
can only engage in Astral combat with another asral being.

However, if you are astrally PERCEIVED then you may attack mundane targets with
ANY spell you desire. All spells move through astral space to their targets,
the fact that you are perceived doesn't make a difference. However, if you are
projected then your entire "astral being" is in astral space so there's
problems contacting the mundane plane.

The disadvantage to being perceived is that you cannot go where your physical
body couldn't go. So if you slip out an open door and down the hall and then
there's no more open doors your can't go through the doors. Also,
if someone comes by and shuts the door you did go're back
in your body.

=> Regards Terry Troll
=> ETMDMAPLE@**.AC.LIVPOL.VAX@************.AC.UK (I think !)
=> Armour spells and similiar things I'd like to know why the
=> target number is the Willpower if the target is willing ?
=> Surely like illusions the target number should be reduced
=> if they are not resisting the spell that or have a set TN#
=> like with the barrier spells.

Armor spells DO NOT have a target equal to the opponent's willpower. Armor
is a physical spell and therefore must overcome the opponent's bod. Target
numbers are not lowered for willing targets because you still must surpass the
bodies natural instincts to fight anything foreign, even magic. However,
you'll notice that drain codes are lower for spells with willing targets



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