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From: edu%"s85963@**"
Subject: Armor, Spells from Astral
Date: 27-FEB-1992 19:02
From: edu%"s85963@**" 27-FEB-1992 19:02
Subj: Armor, Spells from Astral

I don't have my SR rules handy at the moment but I believe it says
that you can only cast spells in Astral Space against a target that is
active astrally. In that case the person in astral can't do a darn thing
about those twenty goons in heavy security coming after you. He/she could
however protect you from incomming magic, and until someone in the
opposition gets wise and goes astral they should have a tremendous
advantage. After all they have thier entire astral pool to deal with.
That is probably two to three times thier normal magic pool. Once they get
engaged astrally by another astral being however they won't be much good
stopping spells coming at the main party. There are some advantages and
disadvantages to this so be carefull.

As far as the armor spell goes, both of the groups that I have
played in came up with the same answer independantly. Both thought that
the target number should be 6 as this is the case for other manipulation
spells that are not directly harmefull. Also if I remember correctly, when
the general target number is used you have to have a threshold number of
successes to get anything. If this was true then armor would be almost
useless as a person with a will of 4 would need 5 successes to give one
point of armor, 6 for two points, etc. It wouldn't be worth the trouble
unless you were willing to use up a lot of karma to buy successes.

Brian D. Neumann


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