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From: BITNET%"AVATAR%BSU.DECNET@*****.BITNET" "Timbre, his arms wide"
Subject: Shadowrun 2120: Help Needed
Date: Unknown time and date
From: BITNET%"AVATAR%BSU.DECNET@*****.BITNET" "Timbre, his arms
To: barnhart%knox.bitnet@*****
Subj: Shadowrun 2120: Help Needed

Howdy chummers,

I need some help.

Next quarter I'm going to be running a Shadowrun variant I'm calling
Shadowrun 2120 (ie, it takes place in the year 2120, abotu 70 years after
normal Shadowrun).

Well, I have the bulk of my history and tech worked up (including such
things as uploading to the matrix, living in the matrix(!!!), and cloning).
Unfortunately, as I'm sure we can all agree, the basic rules for the game
have a lot to be desired. So I have a favour to ask.

What I would like people to do is to send me their house rules. How
do you deal with over powerful Sams, over protective armour, over-deadly
weapons? Let me know. I don't really have the time to construct a new
rules systems, so I have to rely on you guys for the help. So please send
me what you got.

As I begin typing in some of the background and stuff, I'll post it to this
list so that if some of you want to, you can perhaps utilize the even more
futuristic setting.


-- Robert Hayden
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