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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: Re: General Stuff....
Date: 29-FEB-1992 15:55
From: EDU%"RAPICKERING@******.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU" 29-FEB-1992 15:55
Subj: Re: General Stuff....
You write:
=> Ok, how is the list going so far? Do you like the way I'm handling
=> (i.e. sending out messages individually) or would it be better to send out a
=> bunch of messages at once? (i.e. put several posts into one post) Also, some
=> of you have my address as BARNHARDT@****, make sure that it is BARNHART w
=> without the D. My postmaster is getting tired of forwarding mail to me. :)
=> QuickTrigger


Coming from a guy who's been in the matrix for a while I like getting the
individual messages. This way you've got a chummer's LTG and can send messages
his way if something's up, or you've got an answer to his question.

Getting a bunch of messages at once whould be a bit confusing and I believe a
lot more work for you.



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