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From: BITNET%"DUNN@******" "ArkAngel"
Subject: Re: ShadowRun
Date: 17-FEB-1992 15:24
From: BITNET%"DUNN@******" "ArkAngel" 17-FEB-1992 15:24
Subj: Re: ShadowRun

If your talking about the heavy duty gear, and how to buy it... that's
one of the many wonderful uses for fixers... it'll cost more than it says in
the book, of course, but hey... ya get what you pay for... there are also other
possibilities, like a decker ordering something through a company and having it
delivered to his front door, etc...
"Watch your Back. Shoot Straight. Conserve Ammo.
And Never, Ever cut a deal with a Dragon."



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