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From: edu%"s85963@**"
Subject: New Spells
Date: 29-FEB-1992 17:24
From: edu%"s85963@**" 29-FEB-1992 17:24
Subj: New Spells

This is a new spell that just came to mind. It has not been
thoroughly tested yet as the rest of my group (including the GM) is out on
tour this week. Any suggestions or critisim is welcome. There is a couple
of points that I need to make for the spell to make sense. The first is
that it was designed to be cast as a quickened spell by a fairly good Wolf
Shaman (initiate grade 5). It could be used as a sustained spell, but
would probably not be very usefull.

Personalized Anti-Bullet Barrier, Mock Two

Drain D2 Type Manipulation Mode Physical

This spell would form a personalized Anti-Bullet barrier in front of a
person with a small hole in which they could fire out of. The spell itself
is cast on a bracket that would have to fit around the muzzle of the gun to
be fired. It must be made in the same way as a spell lock would be made,
but from high quality iron, steel or a steel radical. The barrier would
have a convex shape that would be capable of covering the front 140 degrees
from the bracket. That would be about 70 degrees on each side of where the
gun is being pointed at. The two additional effects of this spell are a
hazing of anything seen through the front of the shield giving a +2 to
target numbers due to partial soft cover. This effect does not apply if
you are looking from behind the barrier to something in front of the
barrier, ie a one way piece of glass. And the masking of the spell
astrally. The mask is not perfect as it is not being maintained by an
adapt but would not be noticed by a casual look at the object. To detect
the spell a mage would need a number of successes equal to the grade of the
original caster. An initiate who assenses this would have a number of
autosuccess equal to thier grade plus one.

I am working on a version of this spell that would include a mana
barrier as part of the Anti-Bullet barrier but havn't worked out yet what
the drain code and staging would be. My best guess would be around D3 or

As you can see these would not be spells that most mage's would
want to sustain for long as the drain becomes very nasty.

Flames or critisim are welcome.

Brian D. Neumann


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